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Teens Save Children Who Sledded Into Frozen Pond

And their parents, Rich Heid and Stephanie Irlbeck, of Middletown, never imagined the two children would sled onto a partially frozen pond, break through the ice and have to be rescued by a group of five local teenage boys, who formed a human chain to enter the water and save them. One of the teens, Kieran Foley, 14, jumped right into the water to pull the children ashore, even losing his snow boots in the process and doing the whole rescue barefoot. Thursday morning began beautifully: Olivia an

Abandoned Newborn Twins Could Have Been Saved By Safe Haven Law

Advances in genetic genealogy were used this past weekend to charge a 41-year-old Michigan woman in the cold-case deaths of her newborn twins. Investigators uploaded evidence collected in 2003, and compared it to DNA in online public database from at-home genetic tests. Police said the twin boys were still alive when the woman, then 24, dumped them into a garbage bin after giving birth alone in her grandparents' home. It didn't have to end up this way, said Susan Walker, founder and president of

'Miracle' As Homeless Music Teacher Trades Shelter For New Start

NORTH FORK, NY — Two weeks ago, Eldie, a Long Island music teacher left homeless and without a job during the coronavirus pandemic, had no idea where to turn. But two weeks can change everything — and now, thanks to scores of Patch readers who opened their hearts, Eldie left the shelter and found a new job and place to stay as she seeks her path to a forever home. After reading Eldie's story on Patch, many reached out to ask how they could help. A GoFundMe page was created by Nancy Baylis of So

Unity Day Upstanders Talk Candidly To Adults: Stop Being Bullies

And in response to an angry national conversation that seems somehow normalized in a year that has wrought so much change, America's youths have something to say. As we adults rage against, name-call and bully each other over wearing masks, over who we're voting for next month, and over who's right and who's wrong about any one of several existential crises our country faces, the kids are tuned in. Kids are taught to look up to their elders, but as a collective, we adults are setting some stun

'Zoom Bombing' Is A Pandemic Thing; It's Also A Bullying Thing

The timing of the "Zoom bombing" in a high-profile federal court hearing Friday in Georgia made it especially hurtful, but it's emblematic of the intrusions that courts, schools, businesses and government councils are confronting as they gather online during the coronavirus pandemic. And, some kids are still bullying other kids, finding new ways in virtual classrooms to torment their classmates.

Millions Made Hungry By Pandemic Could Include Your Neighbor

Hunger and food insecurity are increasing dramatically across America. Patch has teamed with Feeding America to get more food on the tables of our neighbors in an ongoing, sustained effort. This story, running nationally across our network of Patches, provides information on how you can help. That's 17 million more Americans struggling with food insecurity than before the pandemic. That's about twice the population of New York City.

Black Students Disciplined At Disproportionate Rates In Stoughton

STOUGHTON, MA — Black students in Stoughton are suspended and arrested in school at rates higher than their white peers, public records show. During the previous school year, Black students accounted for two-thirds of referrals, though they made up less than a quarter of the district's student body. White students accounted for one-third of referrals that year, despite comprising more than 53 percent of the school population. During the 2019-20 school year, Black students accounted for 63.6 pe

Bryn Mawr Man's Squirrel Picnic Tables Bring Joy Amid Coronavirus

The new coronavirus has had hard impacts on many working Americans' lives, leaving many wondering when they will work again, how will they pass time, and when the next paycheck will come in. Rick Kalinowski of Bryn Mawr found a unique way to ease those anxieties while giving people across the country a way to find joy amid an uncertain time. Kalinowski, 43, is a plumber and HVAC contractor whose work came to a halt when the COVID-19 virus hit the Philadelphia region.

Chefs Call Lawmakers To Help Before Coronavirus Kills Restaurants

CHICAGO — Chicago chefs took to Instagram Friday in attempt to rally public support for federal help to keep their restaurants alive amid the new coronavirus crisis. Chef Carlos Gaytan joined culinary stars from across America posting a selfie video from his home kitchen. Chefs Stephanie Izard from Girl and the Goat, the first woman to win Bravo's "Top Chef," and Kevin Hickey, owner of Duck Inn in Bridgeport, were among the Chicago restaurateurs taking part in the the Instagram campaign, #toosm

Pasco Man Surprised To See Florida Announce His Coronavirus Death

LAND O' LAKES, FL — Despite the Florida Department of Health reporting his death Friday, 46-year-old Land O' Lakes resident Gene Della Sala, the first Pasco County resident to test positive for the coronavirus, said he's feeling "90 percent better." "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated," he told Patch lightly, using Star Trek character Capt. Jean Luc Picard's adaptation of the famous Mark Twain quote.

Coronavirus: MA School Athletics Adjust To Shock Of New Reality

HINGHAM, MA — The spirit of community is strong around the Hingham High School athletic department. On a typical school day, Hingham athletic director Jim Quatromoni said it's not unusual to have three, four, five coaches hanging out in and around his office, along with waves of high school athletes who come and go through the hallways past the office, on their way to the gym and surrounding athletic fields. "Sometimes I'm involved with those conversations, and sometimes I'm not," Quatromoni to
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